BMW to start building EVs in Mexico

Starting in 2027, BMW is looking to build electric models of the ‘Neue Klasse’ (New Class) at its Plant in San Luis Potosí, as well as set up a local high-voltage battery assembly there. The carmaker announced that it will invest 800 million euros in the production site and create some 1,000 new jobs there.

Rumours of such plans had already circulated back in July 2022, but BMW had not confirmed them, saying that it will not comment on rumors concerning future vehicle generations.

At the same time, the manufacturer laid the foundation for its factory in Debrecen, Hungary, where BMW is investing more than one billion euros in the production of New Class models from 2025. The factory will be able to produce up to 150,000 units per year and BMW also emphasized that it will be the first CO2-free car manufacturing site worldwide.

Just weeks later, in August 2022, BMW confirmed that vehicles based on the new platform will also come off the production line at the main plant in Munich from 2026. And in October, the German carmaker said that it is furthermore investing 1.7 billion dollars in its plant in Spartanburg, USA, and the construction of a new battery assembly centre in nearby Woodruff. BMW wants to produce “at least six” fully electric BMW X models in the USA by 2030. A second shift will begin at the plant in April, adding another 500 new jobs. A total of about 1,000 additional employees will then be working at San Luis Potosí.

“We are systematically gearing our production network towards electromobility. In Mexico, we are investing 800 million euros in our plant and creating around 1,000 new jobs,” explained Milan Nedeljković, a member of the Board of Management. “The first cars of the Neue Klasse will come off the production line at our plant in Debrecen, Hungary, starting in 2025, followed by the main plant in Munich. We will achieve additional volumes by integrating the NEUE KLASSE at Plant San Luis Potosí from 2027 onwards,” he added.


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