Ideanomics to market Mahle chargers in the USA


Ideanomics has formed a strategic partnership with German automotive supplier Mahle, and will become the development partner and exclusive North American distributor for the chargeBIG 18-36 AC fleet charging solution.

The offer will begin in the second quarter of 2023, allowing North American customers to order the unit from Ideanomics with first orders expected to be fulfilled in early 2024. The agreement covers a period of five years, granting exclusive distribution rights to Ideanomics on the continent. Furthermore, Ideanomics and Mahle will optimize the system for North American commercial fleets including the UL certification. The system apparently already meets the regulatory requirements for charging infrastructure under California law. The new DC charger installed at Mahle’s climatic wind tunnel in Germany will likely also benefit this cause.

“This is an exciting addition to Ideanomics Energy’s lineup of turnkey charging solutions, which includes AC depot charging, DC high power charging, wireless charging and mobile charging,” says Jan Freimann, Senior Vice President for Ideanomics Energy. ”What sets the chargeBIG 18-36 AC charging product apart is its fantastic load management software and modular architecture that can charge up to 36 vehicles from one system that is about the size of a fridge. It’s a scalable, cost-efficient charging solution for almost any in- and out-door application – depot charging, warehouses, parking lots and more.”

The chargeBIG has been popular in Europe so far, with around 1,500 charging points supplied to over 20 customers on the continent so far. This includes charging points in residential and business parking garages, as well as what Mahle describes as “a growing number of commercial fleet operators”. Mahle advertises the charging unit as being easy to install, adding the fact that it provides dynamic load management for up to 36 individual charging points with a charging power of either 7 kW, 11 kW or 19 kW.

For its part, Ideanomics acquired Via Motors in August 2021 and has positioned Ideanomics Energy as the preferred charging solutions provider for VIA’s electric trucks.


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