Bentley prepares for EV production in 2026

Bentley has now begun construction of a “Launch Quality Center” and “Engineering Technical Center” at its main Crewe plant in preparation for its transition to an all-electric car brand. Meanwhile, Bentley announced the launch of its first BEV model for 2026 – a year later than initially planned.

The new buildings, in which Bentley is investing 35 million pounds (just over 39 million euros), include a simulated BEV assembly line, a software integration centre, a prototype workshop, metrology tests and an area focused on materials development. While the Launch Quality Centre will cover 4,000 square meters, the Engineering Technical Centre is expected to be much larger, measuring 13,000 square meters.

Both facilities should be completed by the end of 2023. Some 300 Bentley employees will then move from the oldest building at the Pyms Lane plant to the new BEV assembly facility. Bentley describes the new facility as “integral to the brand’s preparations for future battery-powered electric vehicles” and “a new benchmark in next generation, digital, flexible and high-value manufacturing operations.”

Moreover, Bentley announced the launch of its first BEV model for 2026 in the same statement. That means the EV will come a year later than initially planned. Bentley wants to be a pure electric car brand by 2030 and release a total of five BEV models by that date. According to earlier information, all of them will be developed in Crewe. The electric Bentleys will likely be based on corresponding electric car platforms from the VW Group, with the first model being a spin-off from Audi’s Artemis project.

Speaking of which: Bentley had already provided a design preview of its first electric vehicle last summer. It showed that Bentley intends to retain the large, distinctive radiator grille at the front – even if it is no longer needed. The body of the nameless model will be manufactured in Hanover alongside the battery and electric drive assembly. Painting and final assembly will then take place at Bentley in England.


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