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Hyundai recalls some Ioniq 5 & Nexo models


Hyundai has launched recall campaigns for its BEV model Ioniq 5 and its hydrogen-powered Nexo. In the case of the electric models, workshop effort is limited: In the Ioniq 5, 7,558 units only need a new type plate with correct weight information.

According to the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), a good third (2,689) of the 7,558 Ioniq 5s affected worldwide are registered in Germany. The reason for the recall is “incorrect weight information on the type plate”, as the KBA notes in its database under reference number 012464. Plates must now be replaced on Ioniq 5 models that rolled off the production line between 21 July and 21 November 2022.

The second Hyundai recall concerns the hydrogen-powered passenger car Nexo regarding models made in 2017 and 2018. Hyundai says these fuel cell cars can potentially leak at the filling connection of the hydrogen tank after the refuelling process. The filling connection should therefore be checked in the workshops and replaced if necessary. Since the fuel cell car is more of a niche model than a volume model, the recall is relatively small. The KBA reports 211 affected units of the H2 car worldwide, 67 of them in Germany. Nexo models built in 2019 were already recalled in the USA in April 2022 due to a hydrogen leak. (in German)


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