Porsche announces plans for electric Cayenne

Image: Porsche

Porsche has started the development of a battery-electric Cayenne. As with the electric Macan, however, the combustion engine model is to be offered in parallel for the time being.

The news was reported by the British magazine Autocar, which writes that the battery-electric Cayenne is to be launched in 2026. Like the electric Macan, whose premiere is planned for 2024, the electric Cayenne will also use the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) developed together with Audi. The Macan will use a battery with a total capacity of around 100 kWh and will have a drive power of 450 kW. It is quite possible that the larger and higher positioned Cayenne will exceed these values again.

In addition, according to the Autocar information, there will be another parallel between the Macan and Cayenne: The electric Cayenne will probably be offered alongside a more advanced version of the combustion Cayenne, at least initially. The electric Cayenne will likely also receive features such as bank charging, permanently excited synchronous motors and also the all-wheel steering and torque vectoring from the Macan.

With the Macan and Cayenne, Porsche’s best-selling model series will be electrified. The SUV models have accounted for the largest share for several years, while the sports cars and sedans lag behind the Macan and Cayenne. This is why the manufacturer is also planning a new electric model that will be positioned even higher than the Cayenne: as reported, Porsche’s new electric flagship will follow in 2027 in the form of a seven-seater luxury crossover.

But the other model series are also increasingly being electrified: the second generation of the Taycan is also planned for 2027. Other upcoming Porsche electric cars include the electric Panamera and the Porsche 718 mid-engine sports car, which, as already officially confirmed, will be offered exclusively in all-electric form from the middle of the decade.



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