Ecobat builds new Li-ion battery recycling plant in the US

Battery recycler Ecobat is building its third lithium-ion battery recycling facility and the first in North America. The new facility in Casa Grande in the US state of Arizona will initially produce an estimated 10,000 tonnes of recycled material per year.

According to the company’s announcement, there are plans to expand capacity at a later date. Ecobat Casa Grande will recycle Li-ion batteries reaching end-of-life through diagnosis, sorting, shredding and material separation to produce a concentrated black mass containing the valuable materials, according to the company. The recycling plant will be located near an existing Ecobat facility that has been producing anodes for 15 years. Commissioning is expected in the third quarter of this year.

Casa Grande is also known as the location of Lucid Motors’ vehicle plant, where Lucid is manufacturing the Air electric sedan. Lucid is planning to upgrade the facility to produce their second model, an electric SUV this year.

Ecobat’s two existing recycling plants for Li-ion batteries are located in Germany and the UK. In 2021, Ecobat acquired Promesa, another recycling company specializing in the recycling of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles, based in Hettstedt, Germany. Ecobat describes itself as a recycling specialist of batteries of all chemical types, such as lead-acid batteries.

“We are thrilled to grow our global lithium-ion battery recycling footprint with a new facility in Casa Grande, Arizona,” said Marcus Randolph, CEO of Ecobat. “This facility, like our lithium-ion battery recycling facilities in Germany and the United Kingdom, represents a significant milestone in Ecobat’s strategy to grow our lithium-ion battery recycling business to a scale, similar to our world-leading lead battery recycling business.”


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