BP Pulse and Apcoa to build 100 charging hubs in Europe

BP Pulse and parking management company Apcoa are partnering to build 100 fast-charging hubs in Europe. These will be located in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland and the UK.

All 100 charging hubs in Apcoa car parks will go into operation over the next three years. The first two are planned for Berlin and Bremen and should be operational as early as the third quarter of this year. The company does not specify which charging stations will be used, only that it will be “ultra-fast charging which can charge a minimum of six cars.”

In addition, there will also be a “driver lounge” at some hubs, with vending machines, seating, WLAN, toilets and an opportunity to charge your cell phone. Whether this will be the case for Berlin and Bremen was not specified further. Aral or Aral Pulse, BP Pulse’s German brand, will provide the fast chargers in Germany.

With a ban on new registrations of internal combustion vehicles in Europe starting in 2035 and a goal of providing up to 30 per cent of all public parking spaces with charging options, the partners want to “offer one solution in well-lit city-centre parking where available land is often scarce.”

“Working with BP Pulse is another step to achieve our plan to deploy 1,000 fast-charging stations through commercial partners in Apcoa’s car parks,” says Apcoa CEO Philippe Op de Beeck.

In September 2022, Apcoa announced plans to install up to 100,000 new EV charging stations in its car parks by 2035. Specifically, the company aims to install AC charging stations with 11 to 22 kW capacity at more than 12,000 locations across Europe.



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