Tesla is rumoured to release updated Model Y in 2024

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Tesla is apparently also working on a revised version of the Model Y. According to an agency report, the new Model Y is being developed under the codename ‘Juniper’ and is scheduled to go into production in October 2024.

The news was revealed by Reuters, citing three people privy to the plans, which explained that visual changes are planned for both the exterior and interior, as well as changes to the powertrain’s performance. But these are reportedly not the usual arguments for such facelifts, such as a visual refresh and a little more power. According to the report, Tesla’s focus will be on production efficiency. In other words, the Model Y “Juniper” is supposed to be easier and cheaper to build than the current version.

According to two of the Reuters informants, Tesla has already asked its suppliers for separate offers for the revised components, with a production start next year being requested. It is not known which components are involved and how extensive the changes will be.

In November 2022, Reuters had already reported on the plan for a revised Model 3, which was being developed under the codename ‘Highland’. Tesla has apparently already begun retooling its Shanghai plant for the new Model 3. According to an insider, the Highland version of the Model 3 will go into production there in September 2023.

While there is clear potential for improvement in the production of the Model 3 with regard to the current Model Y, it is not yet known where the Model Y ‘Juniper’ will start. In the development of the Model Y, Tesla has further reduced the number of components (and thus the necessary steps in assembly) compared to the Model 3, with the large die-casting machines. In addition, the Model Y from Giga Texas is compatible with the structural battery packs and 4680 cells. Both could be followed up with the Model 3 with the ‘Highland’ update.

The Model Y is Tesla’s best-selling series in numerous markets and also the model that is produced in the most factories globally – with Fremont, Texas, Shanghai and Grünheide, four factories build the electric SUV.

At the same time, there have always been small, incremental changes to the vehicle – sometimes across the board, sometimes specifically by the individual plant. Especially in the case of the Giga Castings, this also depended on the availability of such presses, but smaller changes were also made on an ongoing basis – such as the added parcel shelf, to name just one example. The seats also differ slightly between vehicles from the Giga Shanghai and Grünheide – probably due to different suppliers.

Tesla has now confirmed one of these changes itself: On its Weibo account, Tesla has announced that all Model Y produced in Shanghai since 1 January are equipped with an updated suspension system for improved comfort. According to the statement, the elastic and damping components in the suspension system of the Chinese-made Model Y have been optimised “to reduce bumps at low speeds and provide a more stable ride at high speeds”.

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about „Tesla is rumoured to release updated Model Y in 2024“
dan dudek
04.03.2024 um 01:01
OK... Let's update the Model Y to include: 1) Multiple driver Preference settings, as available in most cars over the last 15-years (seats and mirrors); and 2) Car wash mode (so that us Old People can also buy a Tesla that doesn't require going in-and-out of the computer screen). Maybe a Command, like "car Wash Mode" to get into a car wash... and a flip of the stalk down to drive to get back out (instead of having all the cars behind you honking their horns in a Frantic plea for you to move, before the CRASH happens)!!!

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