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Mack Trucks presents second electric vehicle model


US commercial vehicle manufacturer Mack Trucks, part of the Volvo Group, has unveiled its second battery-electric model. Similarly to its diesel counterpart launched in 2020, the medium-duty Mack MD Electric will compete in US vehicle classes 6 and 7.

The MD Electric follows the LR Electric heavy-duty truck – a truck tailored primarily for the waste management industry, which Mack Trucks began manufacturing at its Macungie plant in Pennsylvania in late 2021. The new medium-duty truck will be available in a 4×2 configuration and is expected to score particularly well for its manoeuvrability in tight urban environments. The manufacturer has not yet given any details about the start of deliveries and prices.

However, the technical specifications are already quite complete: the MD Electric will be available with a box and flatbed as well as with a tipper or refrigerated body. The Class 6 version will have a gross vehicle weight of up to 25,995 pounds (just under 12 tonnes), the Class 7 version up to 33,000 pounds (just under 15 tonnes).

In both cases, the MD Electric produces up to 194 kW and is offered with two battery options: The NMC cell batteries offer 150 or 240 kWh capacity and are expected to provide ranges of 150 and 230 miles (approximately 240 and 37MD Electric and all on-board accessories are powered by nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) oxide lithium-ion batteries, in either a 150 kWh or a 240 kWh configuration. The MD Electric can be charged via AC or DC chargers.0 kilometres). They can be charged via AC with up to 19.2 kW or via DC with up to 80 kW. Mack specifies the maximum payload as 19,400 lbs, the equivalent of 8.8 tonnes.

The Mack MD Electric will be produced at Roanoke Valley Operations (RVO) in Roanoke Valley, Virginia, where Mack also began production of the diesel variant in 2020. “Mack established itself as an electrification leader with the heavy-duty Mack LR Electric refuse vehicle, and we’re excited to add the MD Electric to our zero-tailpipe emissions lineup,” commented Martin Weissburg, Global President of Mack Trucks. “This is another important step in our efforts to drive decarbonization and a more sustainable future, and we plan to continue investing in technologies that help improve the environment and society.”

Details of the Mack LR Electric were first released by the company in late 2021, stating that the model, with a gross vehicle weight of 66,000 pounds (30 tonnes) and a payload of 11.5 tonnes, is powered by two electric drives that combine to deliver 334 kW of continuous and 400 kW of peak power. It has four battery packs with NMC cells that can be charged at up to 150 kW. There were no details on battery capacity at the time, but the range is said to be up to 70 “on-the-job miles”, or around 112 kilometres. (technical specs)


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