Energica takes to the skies

Energica Motor Company is getting ready for takeoff. The Italian motorbike manufacturer, a subsidiary of the US group Ideanomics, wants to develop “all-electric solutions for ultra-light and light aircraft.”

To that end, Energica is teaming up with Phenix Air Corp and Pure Flight. In case of the former, Energica’s powertrain will first power an aeroplane propeller for testing and then an ultralight seaplane to further test flight performance. If successful, the powertrain will be integrated into the Pure Flight ΦNIX aeroplane. “Through the combination of Energica’s powertrain and Pure Flight’s high-efficiency airframe, the two companies are aiming to achieve the highest possible range for all-electric intra-European air travel,” Energica writes in its press release.

Phenix Air Corp will use Energica technology to test the performance and range of EV conversions, using its purpose-built Sonex airframe for small aircraft applications.

“Aviation has been at the forefront of innovation in the transport sector and EV technologies are entering into the equation of product development,” says Carlo Iacovini, General Manager, Energica Inside. “We have started different programs with partners around the globe to learn together and accelerate the time to market of our solutions.”

Energica Inside is the company’s business unit and is in charge of the cooperations. It is based at Energica’s headquarters in Modena, Italy, and is working on several new projects in the fields of agriculture, shipping and urban mobility.



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