Plug Power offers modular hydrogen storage solution

Plug Power also wants to enable small warehouses to rely on hydrogen-powered forklifts. That is why the hydrogen specialist is now expanding its GenKey solution and offering a modular H2 storage solution.

According to Plug Power, the switch to hydrogen-powered forklifts had not been worthwhile for a fleet of 40 to 100 vehicles. The expense had been too great – even with the supply of green hydrogen. A problem that Plug Power now wants to address.

The product expansion includes the supply of green hydrogen from Plug Power’s production facilities and a modular H2 storage solution. The latter is a “modular solution […] designed with space constraints in mind” that can easily and quickly be installed on the warehouse’s property.

“With Plug’s expanded GenKey offering, customers with fewer than 100 forklifts at a warehouse facility will now have the option to transition to fuel cells, and a much more affordable, reliable and sustainable source of fuel to meet their business goals,” says Jose Luis Crespo, general manager of fuel cell applications and global accounts.

According to Plug Power, more than a quarter of all forklifts sold in the US are powered by hydrogen. That is because fuel cells would offer “significant cost savings” compared to batteries. “Customers can save upwards of $260,000 and as high as $1 million per year when compared to batteries,” the company writes in its press release.

As part of its GenDrive product line, the company also offers fuel cells – for use in forklifts, for example – and an aircraft also recently took off on its first test flight using Plug Power technology.

Orders for the GenKey product line are now being accepted. In the US, the units are scheduled for delivery as early as the end of the year. In the European market, the product series is expected to be available “soon”.


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