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ADL to expand electric bus production capacities


British bus manufacturer Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL) has announced an expansion of its electric bus production. The ADL headquarters in Larbert, Scotland, will build the new Enviro400EV double-decker model from August 2023.

For this, Alexander Dennis is converting existing warehouse space at the site into production lines. ADL is thus increasing the number of its production sites from two to three. So far, examples of the Enviro400FCEV fuel cell bus have been built in Larbert as part of a pilot programme. However, the new series production in the former warehouses will focus on the battery version due to demand.

However, Alexander Dennis does not mention a production capacity for Larbert or the model as a whole in the announcement. Thus, it is still open how much the production capacity for the electric double-decker will increase with the start of assembly in Larbert planned for August.

The double-decker model, which will be unveiled in autumn 2022, offers space for 96 passengers and has a range of up to 260 miles (around 418 kilometres) with the NMC battery, which is up to 472 kWh in size. Even though the model bears the same name as the model previously marketed as the Enviro400EV by the BYD and ADL cooperation, it is a fundamentally different design – without BYD involvement.

The additional production at ADL’s headquarters in Larbert is part of a larger rebuild of the site. According to the company, the necessary work to redesign the office space has already been completed. These have been designed for more flexible use, as hybrid working is now standard at ADL.

“Over the past couple of years we have been laser-focused on a modernisation agenda, underpinned by significant investment in our people, our products and our facilities,” says Paul Davies, President and Managing Director of Alexander Dennis. “We not only need to future-proof our manufacturing capabilities for the ZEvolution but we also need to ensure that we create the best possible working environment in which our people can excel.”


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