Candela launches electric center console powerboat in the US


Swedish electric boat manufacturer Candela has unveiled a new version of its zero-emission hydrofoil C-8. This time it is taking aim at “America’s most popular boat segment”. These center console powerboats are commonly used for fishing and other recreational activities and usually use a lot of fuel.

Candela says the C-8 Center Console (C-8 CC) uses 80% less energy than conventional vee hulls, enabling a range of 65 miles (104 km) at a cruising speed of 22 knots/25 mph. This range is “three times longer than any other electric boat on the market, and plenty of range for fishing trips, watersports, or cruising to your favourite sandbar,” the company informs.

A single 100hp pod motor in the C-8 CC provides such drive, and Candela claims a full battery charge costs less than ten dollars. All Candela models are reportedly powered by Polestar batteries through a partnership with Volvo’s dedicated EV brand forged in 2021.

The electric boat is based on the hydrofoil C-8 the Swedish company released in the summer of 2021, then calling it an “iPhone moment” for electric boating. The C-8 Center Console has a central steering unit which Candela first showed as the Daycruiser version of the C-8 at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Otherwise, the capacity of both versions is the same, with a slightly different outlay. Both boats can take off with eight people on board. Yet, where the C-8 offers a large sun lounger and front cabin with beds for two adults and two children, the C-8 CC focuses on seating in an open bow and sofas for up to six passengers. There is also a sunbed and extended swimming platform with shower, and angler features, such as rod holders and depth sounder.

Candela stresses that low-noise and no-wake hydrofoil technology makes the C-8 CC great for fishing. The rpm of the C-POD motor can be “seamlessly adjusted for any speed down to 0.2 knots, making it ideal for sneaking up on the big catch,” writes Candela.

“It’s really the best fishing machine at low speeds. With foils down, it doesn’t drift and is incredibly stable. Our Candela C-POD motor is like a high-power outdrive combined with a slow-speed trolling motor in one unit,” adds Gustav Hasselskog, founder and CEO of Candela.

The Candela C-8 CC starts at a whopping $390,000 (€357,317) and is available to pre-order, with deliveries targeted for summer 2024.



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