Candela begins sourcing Polestar batteries for hydrofoils

The Swedish electric boat manufacturer Candela is now equipping all ordered examples of its C-8 electric hydrofoil with batteries from the electric car manufacturer Polestar. Both companies had agreed on a corresponding cooperation last year.

Unlike when the cooperation was announced, there are now details about the batteries: In addition to the Polestar 2’s 69-kWh battery pack, Polestar will also supply the DC charging technology for the boat and provide its research and development capabilities to integrate the technology and software into the ship’s application and transfer it from land to sea.

With the statement that it is the 69 kWh battery, it is the battery pack from the Polestar 2 Standard Range that will be installed in the hydrofoils. In the Standard Range model the cells come from CATL, in the Long Range with 78 kWh from LGES. The smaller battery pack can be charged in the Polestar 2 with up to 130 kW.

Candela builds electrically powered hydrofoils in which the hull rises out of the water while the boat is moving and only the wings remain in the water. This reduces water resistance and thus consumption enormously. It is also said to provide a much smoother ride experience for passengers. The private customer model C-8 was initially presented in summer 2021.