Tesla lowers prices in Europe

Tesla has lowered the prices for all models in Europe. This means that not only the Model 3 and Model Y are affected, but also the upper-range Model S and Model X series have become cheaper. In addition, the Model Y should soon also be available in Turkey.

In the case of the Model 3, all three drive variants have become cheaper in European markets. The base model with LFP battery and rear-wheel drive is now listed in the Tesla configurator from 41,990 euros and thus 2,000 euros cheaper. The Model 3 Long Range has dropped in price by 3,000 euros and is still listed at 50,990 euros, while the Model 3 Performance has seen the biggest price reduction at 6,000 euros: The top model of the series now costs 54,990 euros.

In the current price round, only the Performance version of the Model Y has become cheaper. It is now listed on the Tesla website at 60,990 euros, 4,000 euros less than before. The LFP Model Y (still from China) and the Long Range (like the Performance from Grünheide) remain at the prices of 44,890 euros and 54,990 euros respectively, which have been valid since January.

When the Model S and Model X were relaunched in January, the Long Range versions were even more expensive (112,990 euros for the Model S and 120,990 euros for the Model X). The Model S Long Range is now a full 10,000 euros cheaper and can be ordered at prices starting at 102,990 euros. The Model S Plaid has also become 10,000 Euros cheaper and is now listed on the website at 127,990 Euros.

The price reduction for the Model X is also 10,000 euros. The large Tesla SUV is thus still offered at prices starting at 110,990 euros (Long Range) and 130,990 euros (Plaid).

Tesla itself states that the price reduction has been achieved “primarily through exponentially scaled and improved manufacturing capacity in factories worldwide”, “enabling us to produce the best product at industry-leading costs”. “With the price reduction, we continue to support the adoption of electric mobility and do so without compromising on vehicle features,” Tesla wrote in one of the company’s rare announcements.

When looking at Tesla’s pricing, it should be noted that a processing and delivery fee is added per vehicle. And most importantly, the eligible models (i.e. Model 3 and Model Y) already have the manufacturer’s share of the environmental bonus deducted. The basic Model 3, for example, is available in real terms at prices starting at 38,470 euros – but this price already includes the government’s share of the environmental bonus.

Tesla is also apparently about to enter the Turkish market. The company has opened a design studio and also a Supercharger station there, which, according to Teslarati, points to a market entry in the near future. Tesla has also put the configurator for the Model Y online in Turkey: Prices start at 878,190 lira (40,985 euros) for the LFP model. The Model Y Long Range costs 918,570 Lira (42,870 Euro) and the Performance model is available from 1,009,420 Lira (47,110 Euro). The expected delivery date is given as October to December 2023.

teslamag.de (prices in German), teslarati.comtesla.com (last two Turkey)


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John H
17.04.2023 um 10:15
Just as the legacy manufacturers think they have a new price point, Tesla upend the cart. The aspirations to be a new Henry Ford maybe are not so far fetched. Instead of constant styling changes, just constant refining of the production, engineering and batteries. Funny how the motor industry has completely forgotten the history of the Model T in its obsession with premium pricing. Roll on the Golf sized Tesla.
19.06.2023 um 15:39
The Golf was fun.

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