Major OEM places drive order with Magna


Magna has won a major order for its new electric drive system, eDS Mid. The order, from an unnamed “Europe-based Global Premium OEM”, is to supply the electric drive system for use in sedan and SUV models planned for release in 2027.

Magna’s eDS Mid is a compact, high-speed electric motor that offers a scalable power range from 100 kW to 140 kW and is optimised for 800-volt systems. The inverter is based on silicon carbide semiconductors. Accordingly, the system weighs less than 72 kilograms and enables a torque of up to 2,000 Nm.

The Canadian supplier does not specify in which segment the customer’s sedans and SUVs are to be located. In view of the performance specifications – even with an all-wheel drive system with two engines – a compact or mid-size vehicle is obvious. Magna also emphasises that the drive system offers “affordable costs”. The model designation “eDS Mid” is another indicator for the mid-size class.

At least as an option, there will apparently be all-wheel drive. “As a high-voltage eDrive system for electric AWD applications, it enables fast reconnecting through a new decoupling system,” Magna writes in the announcement. As is customary in the supplier industry, the name of the customer is not mentioned in the press release.

However, it is clear that the production of the drives will take place in Europe: Production of the e-drive is expected to start in 2026 at Magna’s plants in Kechnec (Slovakia) and Lannach (Austria).

“The electrified powertrain technologies of the future are being developed today. We are embracing the challenge to innovate and bring to market scalable technology solutions that our customers require,” said Diba Ilunga, president of Magna Powertrain. “This new business marks an important milestone in our electrification strategy as we continue to consistently pursue new innovations and solutions to drive the rapidly growing EV sector forward.”


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