Smart’s electric SUV #3 arrives in China


Smart has launched sales of the Smart #3 in China. The second model since the brand’s revamp, presented in April, is an all-electric SUV coupé that will also be launched in the first European markets from the end of this year.

In China, the Smart #3 will be offered in three regular versions (Pro+, Pulse and Premium) at base prices between 209,900 yuan and 255,900 yuan, which is currently equivalent to around 27,500 euros to 33,500 euros. In addition, there is a Brabus variant limited to 1,999 units at prices starting at 289,900 yuan (approx. 38,000 euros). Deliveries of the Smart #3 in China are scheduled to begin in June.

Smart had already unveiled the exterior and interior design of the model in mid-April. As a coupé offshoot of the Smart #1, the appearance is hardly surprising: up to the B-pillar, the two electric Smarts are very similar. With its gently curved and sloping roofline, the #3 looks more pleasing than the #1. Its proportions now resemble a more conventional compact car, while the #1 with its more angular rear end and steep rear window for more loading space stood out from the crowd.

The first information about the technology was revealed last autumn by the application for registration of the model in China. According to the application, there will be a single-engine version with 200 kW and a four-wheel-drive model with 315 kW, just like the #1. The electric motors will be supplied by Weirui Electric Auto Technology. The NMC batteries are to come from the suppliers CALB and Sunwoda – but nothing is known about their size yet. The #1 is known to have 66 kWh.

The portal CnEVPost now published further data on the Smart #3 for China. The single-engine version is said to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds, the all-wheel drive version in 4.3 seconds and the Brabus version in 3.6 seconds. The range is given as 520, 555 and 580 kilometres according to Chinese standards.

The Smart #1 has been on sale in China since 25 April 2022, with deliveries starting on 24 September 2022, and Smart has since delivered a total of 28,923 electric vehicles in China, according to CnEVPost. In May, there were 2,624 units, a 40 per cent drop from 4,390 units in April.

The #1 is also available for sale in Europe. According to official statements from April, the #3 is still “in the EU homologation process” there, which is expected to be completed in the second half of 2023 – so there is no official data for the European model yet, especially not on WLTP range. This should not drag on too deep into the second half of the year: According to earlier information, Smart wants to present the new model to the European public at the IAA in September and launch it by the end of the year.


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