Tesla announces scrappage scheme bonus in the UK

Image: Tesla

Tesla has launched a new car scrappage scheme in the UK for customers who trade in an older petrol or diesel car model. Over June, customers whose car is valued at less than £2,000 will get £2,000 off the purchase of a new Model 3 or Model Y.

The new scrappage scheme will sit on top of the trade-in value of the vehicle, meaning that if the vehicle’s trade-in value is £1,500, customers will receive £1,500 for the trade-in and an additional £2,000 from Tesla, resulting in a total of £3,500.

In a statement, Tesla wrote: “In support of our mission to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy, Tesla are removing petrol and diesel cars from UK roads as part of our trade-in process.” To qualify for the scheme, customers in the UK must receive confirmation that the value of their trade-in quote is less than £2,000 between June 1 and June 30, 2023.

Fiat had recently also introduced its own “grant” discount in the UK, in order to balance out the UK’s expired EV grant initiative from last year. In this instance, a sum of £3,000 was set to double the amount available from the old £1,500 available at the end of the grant’s lifecycle.

Damien Dally, Managing Director, Fiat UK explained: “There’s no doubt the government’s Plug-in Car Grant successfully kickstarted the UK’s electric car revolution – it supported the sale of nearly half a million electric cars. However, with the cost-of-living crisis and rising cost of electric vehicles, coupled with our net zero climate targets, we believe more needs to be done to incentivise individuals to be able to afford to make the switch.”

The choice of vehicles is notable as Tesla had recently announced plans to drop right-hand drive models for the Model S and Model X. It appears that Tesla does not intend to sell many Model 3 and Model S vehicles in the UK in future.

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about „Tesla announces scrappage scheme bonus in the UK“
07.06.2023 um 14:01
Since Tesla announced they will only be selling left hand drive cars in the UK I am not sure this will be enough to convince buyers to buy a Tesla given they will be worth alotnless when it comes to selling or part exchange.
10.06.2023 um 20:30
I think you're referring to specific Telsa models which don't include the Y or 3
Edwyn Corteen
08.06.2023 um 11:21
The large selling model 3 and Y are both available on RHD it is only the new S and X that are LHD
07.06.2023 um 14:24
This only applies to model s & x. Mode 3 and y continue to be available in lhd configuration
07.06.2023 um 14:13
That's just for Model S/X, not the Model 3/Y mentioned in this article
08.06.2023 um 10:22
Why won’t Elon build a factory in Britain, we certainly need the business.
Paul Browne
09.06.2023 um 11:10
Because of Brexit. Biggest own goal in modern history.
08.06.2023 um 11:22
Stuart Annat
09.06.2023 um 11:14
Yes!Rumour has the next one in Spain.Thanks brexit
09.06.2023 um 00:48
UK employment laws
09.06.2023 um 19:07
They are broadly the same as the EU at the moment

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