Stellantis tells US states: be careful what you wish for

In the USA, the Stellantis Group is now only selling purely combustion engine cars in 14 US states when customers specifically order them, no longer stocking combustion-only cars at dealerships in these states. In the remaining US states, the opposite will be true.

These 14 US states (which include California, New York, Pennsylvania, and others) all adhere to the more stringent emissions regulations established by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). While customers in these 14 states can still get internal combustion vehicles if they order them, customers will no longer simply be able to pick them out of a dealer’s inventory.

At the same time, in the remaining US states with emissions regulations set by the federal government, Stellantis will no longer supply electrified models to dealers unless customers have already ordered them.

According to Autonews, Stellantis has stated: “The communication to our dealers simply acknowledges the reality that we may need to adjust vehicle allocations among the California and Federal states to ensure that Stellantis complies with different standards in the California states.”


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