Heidelberg Materials teams up with Volvo Group to cut CO2 emissions

Heidelberg Materials wants to reduce its CO2 emissions. The building materials group has signed a cooperation agreement with the Volvo Group to test electric vehicles.

As part of a six-month feasibility study, the two companies want to determine “which emission-free vehicle technology and charging infrastructure will best suit the requirements of Heidelberg Materials’ operations regarding operating efficiency, maintenance and charging at the sites”. To this end, various zero-emission vehicles, such as electric trucks and construction machinery, will be used at multiple Heidelberg Materials sites in Northern Europe.

The materials company does not specify which vehicles will be involved in the trial- only that a first vehicle will already be used this summer at the cement plant in Slite, Sweden. According to the Volvo Group, Heidelberg Materials already took delivery of a 20-tonne L120H Electric Conversion wheel loader.

“The partnership with Volvo is a lighthouse project in our industry and has the potential to significantly push the decarbonisation of our entire value chain in Northern Europe,” says Dominik von Achten, Chairman of the Managing Board of Heidelberg Materials. Martin Lundstedt, CEO and President of Volvo Group, adds that while the manufacturer is “focused on reducing carbon emissions for both our products and our own operations, we are also committed to helping our customers to lead by example, through innovative, well-orchestrated collaborations that deliver much-needed change”.

According to Heidelberg Materials, overland transportation accounts for 6 per cent of the value chain’s carbon footprint. Electrification of the vehicle fleet could therefore save up to 200,000 tonnes of CO2 annually.

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