X Shore and Bosch Engineering work to optimise electric boat

Swedish electric boat manufacturer X Shore and Bosch subsidiary Bosch Engineering are working together to optimise the electric drive performance and efficiency of the X Shore 1. For Bosch, it marks the beginning of the “electrification journey into the leisure boat segment”.

The main purpose of the collaboration is to “enhance and develop the X Shore 1’s electric drive system”. The boat is said to become more powerful due to its lightweight design and more efficient due to the design and software setup. By using a space-saving design, the latter is said to allow for easy integration into existing systems. That should save time and money by eliminating maintenance efforts.

To this end, the engineering services provider is contributing its expertise in electric drive systems to the new X Shore 1, using proven technologies from the passenger car and commercial vehicle sectors, as well as other commercial applications.

The current X Shore 1 model is already equipped with Bosch’s largest motor for recreational boating applications, as well as with the Bosch inverter. The transmission was developed and manufactured by Bosch Rexroth.

The X Shore 1 was unveiled in September 2022. The six and half metre long boat is powered by a 125 kW motor and has a top speed of of 30 knots (56 km/h). It also comes with a with a single 63 kWh battery.

The collaboration with X Shore is part of a pilot project. It also marks the beginning of Bosch’s electrification journey into the recreational boating segment.

“At Bosch, we are investing heavily in sustainable technologies and pursued sustainability long before it made it to the top of the social agenda”, says Johannes-Jörg Rüger, President at Bosch Engineering. “When it comes to sustainable mobility, we’re continuing to strengthen our portfolio of solutions for electrified driving.”



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