Volvo Trucks delivers 74-tonne electric truck in Sweden

Volvo Trucks has delivered an electric 74-tonne truck to Swedish haulier Mattson Åkeri in Gothenburg, Sweden. Volvo Trucks is now testing a Volvo FH Electric 6X4 with two trailers in container transport in the port area of Gothenburg. Mattson Åkeri has ordered three electric heavy-duty trucks from Volvo Trucks.

The Volvo FH Electric 6X4 is 32 metres long and can handle a total towing weight of 74 tonnes, with two trailers and a total length of 32 metres. In the long term, the electric truck will also operate between Gothenburg and Borås, 70 kilometres from Gothenburg.

The Swedish hauling company has been testing the truck in container traffic for the past few weeks in the port area of ​​Arendal in Gothenburg. The test is a so-called HCT (High-Capacity Transport) project.

“We want to show that all-electric solutions also work in applications with high total weights and a high utilisation rate. Together with Mattson Åkeri, the Swedish Transport Administration and several other partners, we are now looking at how we can optimize the operation of the electric truck, including how charging should take place in the most efficient way”, explains Lena Larsson, the project manager of the HCT project within Volvo’s technology organisation.

Charging infrastructure for the trucks currently consists of two fast 180 kW chargers at the Mattsson Åkeri depot in Arendal. The company says the trucks will be supplied entirely with power from renewable sources.

“Driving long and heavy loads using electricity works very well so far, and we can carry as much cargo as a diesel truck”, says Jan-Olof Mattsson, CEO of Mattson Åkeri. “The truck runs 12 hours a day, with a stop for charging when the driver takes a break. Silent, electric operation also means a better working environment for the driver.”

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wentzel hugo
01.07.2023 um 23:07
How long will it take to supply the electric truck to South africa

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