Electreon & GINAF install inductive charging tech in 50-tonne truck

Electreon reports the successful installation of its inductive charging system in a 50-tonne electric truck. The electric truck is a DAF XF converted to an electric drive system by Dutch commercial vehicle manufacturer GINAF, and now bears the designation GINAF GE2121.

Following the installation of the charging technology, the electric 50-tonne truck was charged both while stationary and while driving as part of Electreon’s Smartroad Gotland project in Sweden. Electreon and GINAF now intend to carry out aftermarket installations in further GINAF trucks based on DAF or Mercedes-Benz chassis.

“GINAF is very pleased with the results of the truck’s excellent performance on the world’s first public Electric Road: Electreon’s Smartroad in Gotland, ” said Roeland van der Woude, GINAF CEO. “It endorses our capabilities as a flexible and qualitative alternative to OEMs, for transport companies that want to make their 7-50+ ton trucks more sustainable.”

For the next step, Electreon and GINAF plan to implement aftermarket installations on additional GINAF trucks, based on DAF or Mercedes-Benz chassis. Furthermore, Electreon and GINAF have joined forces with REARQ, a Swedish company specializing in circular economic practices, aiming to convert current internal combustion engine trucks on the market.

“The joint collaboration in this project proves that we can accelerate the change to sustainable transportation solutions, by integrating smart charging technology with Electric Vehicles and thereby increasing the benefits when shifting to 100% electric,” added Henrik Wallström, CEO of REARQ.

GINAF Nederland is known in the e-mobility scene because Clean Logistics took it over last year but later sold it again.

Electreon has been ramping up business with their inductive charging technology lately, and reported a major order from Norway just yesterday. In March, a cooperation with Toyota and Denso was announced in the field of inductive charging. At the end of last year, a similar project to the Smartroad was announced on a small scale in Germany for a Garden Show shuttle bus.



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