Rome to procure over 400 electric buses

After two failed attempts to procure fuel cell buses, battery electric vehicles could soon form the backbone of public transport in the Italian capital – if there are bids this time.

At the end of 2021, the Roman city government already announced that the most polluting examples of the 600-bus fleet would be replaced. The two attempts to procure hydrogen buses in 2019 and 2020 failed, as there were no bids. So the city’s public transport provider Atac had ordered Mercedes Citaro with hybrid drives for the time being.

Now, it wants to procure more than 400 battery-electric buses from the start. The tender comprises two lots for a total of 396 electric 12-metre buses and a third lot for 15 electric 18-metre articulated buses.

The first lot has a total value of 149.5 million euros for the supply of 202 12-metre buses, as well as their maintenance and service, a lump sum for extra kilometres and safety fees. The second lot, also for the procurement of electric solo buses, has a total value of 143.5 million euros for 97 vehicles, maintenance, a lump sum for additional kilometres and safety fees. The 15 articulated buses from lot 3 are to cost 14.1 million euros, including maintenance and the aforementioned services. This brings the total value of the contracts to over 300 million euros.

Bids can be submitted until 18 September 2023. According to Sustainable Bus, the tender is partly financed by Atac’s own funds, but also partly by EU funds., (PDF, in Italian)


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