Corvus Energy uses Toyota tech for new marine FC system


Energy storage specialist Corvus Energy has unveiled a marine fuel cell system using technology from Toyota. The Corvus Pelican Fuel Cell System uses four Toyota fuel cell modules and can be combined with Corvus batteries.

In addition to the basic hydrogen fuel cell system, Corvus Energy is currently developing CoPilot, an application that helps system integrators optimally distribute energy between fuel cell systems and batteries. Corvus writes that the new fuel cell system “represents a significant leap forward in safe, clean, and efficient power generation for marine vessels”, although exact technical specifications were not revealed, although the system was originally reported to be modular, meaning that it could flexibly.

The two companies have been cooperating on the project since it was officially announced in 2021, stating that the system should be ready for mass production by 2024. The plan was to “design and certify the marine fuel cell system using Toyota technology as a building block for larger systems”. At the time, Geir Bjørkeli, CEO of Corvus Energy said: “Fuel cell technology has reached a level of maturity where scaling systems will be the next step. Toyota is at the forefront of development and is by far the best partner for us to make this a success.”

“Our mission is to power a clean future, and through the years, we have been pioneers on a lot of different vessel types,” Geir Bjørkeli now said. “However, batteries cannot take us all the way. If you want to sail zero-emission, you will need to bring clean energy in a different format. We strongly believe hydrogen is the natural choice for shorter and medium-distance routes as this is the most energy-efficient way.”



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