Eve Air Mobility to build eVTOL plant in Brazil


The eVTOL manufacturer Eve Air Mobility, part of the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer, has announced the location of its first production facility. It will be located in Taubaté in the Brazilian state of São Paulo.

Pending final regulatory approval, Eve Air says the manufacturing facility will be built on a designated site within the existing Embraer facility in the city, which will be expanded for the purpose. Eve Air Mobility is developing its global manufacturing, supply chain and logistics strategy with Porsche Consulting. The company is not yet providing details on the planned start of production in Taubaté or the facility’s capacity.

“We are focused on achieving the highest quality standards in eVTOL manufacturing through increased knowledge and consideration of an innovative approach. Following extensive research on advanced manufacturing and innovation concepts for over a year, we are now prepared to establish our initial factory for eVTOL production,” says Alice Altissimo, Vice President of Program Management and Operation at Eve.

“This decision is aligned with our growth strategy plan, which is driven by innovation and sustainability,” adds Francisco Gomes Neto, President and CEO of Embraer. “We believe in the enormous potential of the global Urban Air Mobility market, and we reinforce our commitment to Eve as one of the major players in this industry.”

The company’s eVTOL is a four-seater that will initially be manually controlled but will be able to fly autonomously. Further details about the air taxi are not yet known. What is certain, however, is that the aircraft will use electric motors from the Japanese manufacturer Nidec. In June, Nidec announced the planned founding of a joint venture with Eve’s parent company Embraer to develop electric drive systems for aviation. The joint venture will initially develop and manufacture a propulsion system for eVTOLs and then pursue the goal of making this system available for other aircraft. Eve Air Mobility is confirmed as Nidec Aerospace’s launch customer.

Recently, Eve Air Mobility announced three potential new orders for the sale of 150 of its electric air taxis, bringing the company’s (potential) order book up to a total of 2,770 eVTOLs. The company has received orders from Halo Aviation and Helisul Aviation, as well as Aviair and HeliSpirit, among others, in the past two years. In October 2021, Eve also announced a cooperation with Avantto to develop an urban air mobility ecosystem for Latin America. Eve’s eVTOLs will also be used here.


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