E-Gap orders 60 Fiat vans for mobile charging stations

Fiat has delivered 60 E-Scudo electric vans to the Italian company E-Gap. The EVs will become E-Gap’s on-demand mobile charging stations for e-taxis and private electric cars. The service is also available in Munich, Germany.

The E-GAP mobile charging service is currently available in Italy (Rome, Milan, Bologna, Turin, Verona, Brescia and Trento), France (Paris), Spain (Madrid) and Germany (Munich).

Besides their vehicle batteries, E-Gap electric vans transport additional battery power and charging equipment. The vehicles travel to customers needing to charge their electric cars and taxis on demand. Customers can arrange an appointment and location via app or phone, and the mobile charging station comes to them.

According to the Italian company, the battery for charging other vehicles has an energy content of 130 kWh. Vehicles can be charged both AC and DC with up to 80 kW. The kilowatt hour costs 0.58 euros. In addition, there is a travel fee of 8.32 euros (all net). Payment is made by credit card or PayPal via the E-GAP app.

Since the E-Scudo is primarily used for short distances, E-GAP has opted for the small 50 kWh battery for the vehicle itself. The electric Fiat van is powered by a 100 kW electric motor, just like its numerous sister platforms from the Stellantis Group. For the two long-wheelbase variants, a 75 kWh battery is also available as an option.

In Munich, the first and so far only area of operation in Germany, six vehicles have been on the road since April. Neither Fiat nor E-Gap has so far publically revealed where exactly the ordered electric transporters from Fiat will be put into operation.



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