Mer Germany & Mer Solutions merge

In Europe, Mer Germany and Mer Solutions have merged under the Mer Germany GmbH brand. In parallel, the Group is establishing Mer Austria GmbH for business in Austria. In both cases, the company intends to drive the expansion of charging infrastructure in the respective countries.

In Germany until now, Mer Solutions was responsible for non-public charging solutions, such as for company car fleets, for example. Public charging offerings came from Mer Germany. Now, fleet solutions and the operation of charging stations are to be reconciled under the Mer Germany brand. Fuhrmann and Otto Loserth are the new managing directors of Mer Germany. The company emphasises that all “rights and obligations […] remain unaffected by the merger.”

“By acting as a single brand in Germany, we are underlining our ambition to become the German e-mobility system service provider. We want to further advance the green energy transition in the field of private and public charging infrastructure as well as in the electrification of company car fleets,” said Günter Fuhrmann, Managing Director of Mer Germany GmbH. “The even more intensive cooperation will open up new perspectives, challenges can be tackled in a new way, and solutions can be rethought.”

The Mer Group will also be operating under a new name in Austria: Mer Austria GmbH. The aim is to further expand its own charging infrastructure in Austria. Another focus, he said, is the expansion of the fleet business.

“The establishment of Mer Austria underlines our growth ambitions as a European EV brand and lays the foundation for the expansion of our business activities in Austria,” explains Anton Achatz, Managing Director of Mer Austria GmbH.

Mer was founded in 2009 as Gronn Kontakt and has been active as Mer since 2020. In Germany, the market entry took place via acquisition. Statkraft took over the German provider E-Wald in 2019, which initially continued to operate under its own brand. It was then renamed Mer Solutions GmbH in the summer of 2021.

The second German subsidiary was also renamed Mer Germany GmbH. In spring 2021, Statkraft acquired the Swedish provider Bee Charging Solutions. In Austria, Mer has been active since 2021 through a partnership with the fast food chain McDonald’s. (in German)


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