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Mer to install ultra-rapid charging stations at McDonald’s Austria

McDonald’s Austria has commissioned Statkraft’s e-mobility outlet Mer to build fast-charging stations. By the end of 2023, the partners want to equip all McDonald’s Austria branches that have a parking lot with ultra-rapid chargers delivering 150 or up to 300 kW.

According to the statement, Mer’s German business unit, known until recently as E-Wald or Gronn Kontakt in other countries, will install Hyperchargers from manufacturer Alpitronic at all suitable branches. These will have two charging points – a photo shows an HYC 150 with a CCS and a CHAdeMO charging cable. However, McDonald’s Austria left open whether this will be the standard configuration or whether Mer will install two CCS cables at other locations.

What is clear, however, is that “high-traffic locations” will not get the 150 kW version, but the HYC 300 with up to 300 kW per charging point. It is unclear from the announcement how many of the 196 stores in Austria have a parking space and how many are classified as high-traffic.

“Electromobility will become established as a technology in the transport sector in the coming years. We support this development with our e-mobility strategy,” said Michael Öhler, Director Operations at McDonald’s Austria. “For our guests, the partnership with Mer means even wider availability of our e-charging station network with particularly fast charging times and ease of use: taking a quick break, enjoying a burger or cappuccino, and charging your e-car at the same time in around 15 minutes will soon be possible in all restaurants with a parking lot.

It is not the first time McDonald’s is looking into installing charging infrastructure for electric cars. The chain is working with InstaVolt in the UK at a similar model to the plans in Austria. McDonald’s branches in Italy have also seen the installation of charge points, this time with Enel X, as reported. There are also charging infrastructure initiatives in SpainSweden and the Netherlands.

McDonald’s Austria added the initiative is part of the new building standards that the fast-food chain implemented for all openings and major renovations with immediate effect. These standards include photovoltaic systems, bio-shredders, waste oil pumping systems to produce biodiesel, and sustainable heating systems.

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