J.B. Hunt purchases 13 Nikola trucks

Nikola Motor has received a new order from the USA. The freight forwarder J.B. Hunt wants to purchase 13 zero-emission trucks, which include ten battery-electric and three fuel cell-powered vehicles.

The first heavy-duty truck is expected to be delivered this month. The vehicles will be used in the Los Angeles, California, metropolitan area and in and around Phoenix, Arizona, among other areas.

The hydrogen and refuelling infrastructure comes from Nikola’s H2 brand HYLA that was launched earlier this year. 60 public hydrogen fueling stations are expected to be built by 2026, the first in the Los Angeles area.

California is moving forward rapidly with both hydrogen infrastructure and HPC charging for truck transport. The Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach have numerous zero-emission truck programs in progress, and arteries of both hydrogen infrastructure and HPC stations are planned to branch out across the country. In the Port of Long Beach, WattEV just opened truck charging for the 14 Nikola battery electric trucks it purchased in May this year.

In November 2022, J.B. Hunt announced plans to reduce carbon emissions by 32 per cent by 2034 compared to 2019 levels.



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