London expands scrappage scheme

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In preparation for the city-wide Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), which applies from 29 August, the City of London launched a scrappage programme for old vehicles. Now, the programme is significantly expanded, and the budget increased.

When the programme launched in January, it had a 110 million-pound budget. It was only intended for some, such as people with low incomes or disabilities, charities, sole traders and small businesses. Now, all Londoners with cars and motorbikes that do not comply with the ULEZ will be entitled to a premium of up to 2,000 pounds or the equivalent of 2,320 euros.

There is also an increase in premiums for scrapping and retrofitting vans and minibuses and replacing them with electric vehicles. Vans will be eligible for up to 7,000 pounds (8,120 euros), and a minibus used by a charity for up to 9,000 pounds (10,440 euros). In both cases, scraping up to three old vehicles is possible. The grant is doubled for wheelchair-accessible vehicles from 5,000 to 10,000 pounds (11,600 euros).

The budget for the scrappage scheme will be increased to 160 million pounds (185 million euros). The announcement does not clarify how much of this is still available and what amount has already been applied for. Instead, Mayor Sadiq Khan’s office stresses that 90 per cent of the cars “seen driving in outer London on an average day are already ULEZ-compliant” are already ULEZ-compliant.”


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