Karsan wins bid in Italy to deliver over 300 electric minibuses

Turkish bus builder Karsan has secured a framework contract in Italy to supply 320 electric minibuses following a tender by the central procurement agency Consip.

The framework agreement covers Karsan’s six-metre e-Jest electric bus and the eight-metre e-Atak. The company expects to receive new orders from the operators in Italy in the 18 months covered by the contract. Karsan does not mention a fixed split between the two models.

The e-Jest has a 125 kW drive with up to 290 Nm of torque. The six-metre model is available with a choice of 44 or 88 kWh battery capacity, the latter sufficient for up to 210 kilometres, according to Karsan. The eight-metre e-Midibus e-Atak is 230 kW and can be equipped with up to five battery packs of 44 kWh each. In the 220 kWh maximum configuration, a range of up to 300 kilometres is possible. The packs can be charged with 80 kW DC or up to 44 kW AC.

Karsan has 34 electric buses on the road in various regions of Italy so far. According to CEO Okan Baş, the e-Jest, for example, has been Europe’s best-selling e-minibus for three years, and the e-Atak is also a leader in its segment. A position that Karsan wants to further expand with the framework agreement in Italy. “Our vehicles that have proven themselves are also in great demand in the world following Europe,” says Baş.



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