It wasn’t an EV that caused the ‘Fremantle Highway’ to catch fire

After the fire on the car cargo ship off the Dutch coast, the media hastily identified an electric car as the cause. Now it turns out – that this is not true.

Even though the cause of the fire is still unknown, the EV theory no longer holds up after the freighter was inspected. The lower four of the twelve decks are essentially undamaged, and about 1,000 cars, including the 498 electric ones, are in good condition. This is according to the chief of salvage company Royal Boskalis Westminster NV, Peter Berdowski.

According to the head of the salvage company, the four uppermost decks, on which there were no electric cars, are so damaged that it is hard to walk on them and that the vehicles there (again, no EVs!) are literally fused to the ground. The affected carmakers are now investigating how their vehicles can be moved.

The ‘Fremantle Highway’ is currently docked in Eemshaven in the Netherlands. Soon, the heavy fuel oil will be pumped out of the ship to prevent leakage and environmental pollution. The ‘Fremantle Highway’ can remain in the port until 14 October. Then it will have to be towed to another location – whether for repair or scrapping is not yet known.


about „It wasn’t an EV that caused the ‘Fremantle Highway’ to catch fire“
15.08.2023 um 08:53
Obviously srappping! The ship has endured so much heat that , probably , the whole structure is bent and twisted and is no longer save . But what was the course of the fire? Smoking ?
15.08.2023 um 14:37
Why he did not mention about the electric Mini Coopers loaded at Bristol on deck 8... did they survive in the fire or somebody doesn't have interest to say the whole truth...
19.08.2023 um 23:16
"Including the 498 electric vehicles"
bill griggs
16.08.2023 um 19:50
Can you provide proof that they were loaded at Bristol and on deck 8?
Graham Turville-Ince
16.08.2023 um 05:07
Does one really care ? Is it important
17.08.2023 um 13:57
Yes, the ones who works on board REALLY CARE...
15.08.2023 um 18:56
I do not believe any of this
Keit p
16.08.2023 um 21:34
What don’t you believe? Was there a fire or what,
17.08.2023 um 10:57
This is completely not true. From the first image of the burned cargo leaked you can clearly identify a Porsche Taycan in the left corner completely burned.
Rod Stweart
17.08.2023 um 16:06
Interesting that a photo taken by the someone working for the owners of the ship has now surfaced that clearly shows the burnt-out shell of a Porsche Taycan - which last time I looked was an EV. It might not have started with one, but they were certainly involved in the fire
Michael Andrews
22.09.2023 um 23:56
It's not clear that it's a Taycan at all, as the Taycan is based off the Panamera, so compare the image of the burnt out Porsche to a Panamera, you'll see it looks identical because the only styling difference between the Taycan and Panamera at the front being the bumper, is burnt off, the only way you'd know for sure, is if you lifted the bonnet and looked for an engine.
20.08.2023 um 22:39
The rumors are saying it was a Porsche Taycan as there are numerous reported fires stemming from their Batteries
30.09.2023 um 13:18
When the first Mercedes was dragged of the ship it began to smoke and was craned into a special container on the quay. EV battery still alight after all that time on board! As the vessel was unloaded there where lots of the special containers covered with tarpaulins in a special car park created for the smokey EVs. Too bad the truth is finding it difficult to surface!
12.11.2023 um 22:26
And yet this report is so trustworthy in its attempt to throw clouds over the event, here we are in November and I am not only looking at a Mercedes EV being unloaded 'burnt' contradicting the entire article, we have reports now that there was some EV's were still smoking one month later.

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