Model Y output at Giga Berlin lower than anticipated

Tesla reportedly produces far fewer electric cars at its German factory near Berlin than previously thought. According to local media, weekly production has fallen below 4,000 vehicles, apparently due to staff shortages.

Business Insider cites internal documents and consistent statements from numerous Tesla employees that the production rate of 5,000 Model Y within a week, which Tesla announced in March, was a one-off event. The reporters have seen internal documents from July and August with production targets of 870 vehicles daily, or 4,350 cars weekly. That’s 650 Model Y short of the figure reached back in March.

However, the report goes on to say that at the finish line, not even those targets were met. According to Business Insider, the internal target is 750 cars a day, or less than 4,000 cars a week.

The reason for the reduced targets is a glaring shortage of personnel in the factory. “The carmaker is not getting the shifts full, employees are complaining about heavy workload compression, and the sickness rate is increasing noticeably in production, insiders report,” the portal writes. Summer holidays and the dismissal of hundreds of temps which occurred recently are indicated as possible reasons.

Currently, this cannot be substantiated precisely, and the production targets mentioned in the report remain unconfirmed. Tesla has also not answered a “lengthy questionnaire” from the Business Insider editorial team about production in Grünheide.

Nevertheless, current production seems to be sufficient to meet demand: Regardless of the choice of powertrain, paint scheme and rims, a Model Y ordered today is expected to be delivered in August or September, according to the company’s configurator, which corresponds to a maximum delivery time of five weeks. In addition, even with current unit sales in many European countries, the Model Y is the best-selling electric model in 2023.

Deliveries of the Model Y in Grünheide started in March 2022, at that time with the performance version with black paint. Later, production was expanded to include the long-range model, various paint finishes and, most recently, the base model with an LFP battery from BYD. Since April 2023, the Giga Berlin has been running in three-shift operation. The approval process for further expansion began in July. (in German, paywall)


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