Siemens to acquire Heliox

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Siemens and Heliox have signed an agreement for Siemens to acquire the Dutch charging infrastructure firm. Siemens wants to incorporate Heliox’s power charging solutions for heavy-duty EVs such as trucks and buses into its portfolio.

The merger will also extend Siemens’ market reach, primarily in Europe and North America, while improving capabilities in power electronics, according to the company’s statement.

How exactly Heliox products will fit remains to be seen, but the company has made waves in the market. With no more than 330 staff, Heliox has built charging depots for bus fleets since 2017, and the depots in Amsterdam and Glasgow count among the largest in Europe.

The equipment is specifically developed for heavy-duty requirements. The battery-backed SprintCharge station, launched in 2019, for example, supports buses depending on the pantograph by boosting ultra-rapid charges without disrupting the grid.

Most recently, Heliox launched a consortium to establish similarly grid-sensitive  ‘Charging Energy Hubs’ for fleets. The company leads 29 partners, including firms for robot chargers.

Commenting on today’s news of the acquisition, Matthias Rebellius, member of the managing board of Siemens and CEO of Smart Infrastructure, said they see “digitalization and software potential with regard to energy and depot management and services”.

The transaction is subject to customary regulatory approval. Once granted, Heliox will become part of Siemens eMobility, which belongs to Siemens Smart Infrastructure. It offers IoT-enabled hardware, software and services for AC and DC charging from 11 to 300 kW for various applications. While most are consumer-facing, in June this year, Siemens also launched a 600-kW pantograph solution for buses called e-Line OnBoard.

Both Heliox and Siemens are also active in North America.

Further details on the transaction value or future management have yet to be disclosed.


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