London introduces 80 more electric buses to fleets

In the UK, the number of electric buses operated by Transport for London (TfL) in the British capital has grown to over 1,100. New additions this summer include over 80 electric buses in the borough of Sutton in south London.

The London public transport provider states that the electric buses will operate on routes 80, 93, 154, 164 and 213. There are now one hundred electric buses providing services in Sutton. More than half of bus journeys in Sutton are now completed electrically. More electric buses for the borough are scheduled to follow in spring 2024.

With the operation of the new electric buses, the public transport operator has doubled the frequency of the Superloop route SL7 (formerly the X26), which serves Sutton. This route is an important part of the Mayor’s £6m investment to improve the bus networks in outer London areas. The Superloop route is a proposed network of limited-stop express bus routes. These routes are planned to circle the entire capital, with the TfL aiming to connect transport links, town centres and hospitals.

“We are delighted to add more than 80 new zero-emission buses to our fleet in Sutton,” said TfL director of buses Louise Cheeseman. “Buses remain the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way to shift car trips to public transport.”

While the total number of electric buses (which includes both BEV and FCEV buses) operated by TfL in London already exceeds 1,100 vehicles, serving 54 all-electric routes, these are accompanied by a further 15 routes operated by a mix of zero- and low-emission buses. The first five bus lines were converted in 2016 – with just 30 electric buses.

Transport for London wants to have switched completely to electric buses by 2034. The public transport operator has had a policy of exclusively purchasing electric buses since 2021.


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