GKN & Marschall and Parker to cooperate on hydrogen flight

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Aerospace industry supplier GKN Aerospace is joining forces with Marshall and Parker Aerospace to explore liquid hydrogen fuel systems for aircraft. The partners plan to develop a liquid hydrogen system suitable for both fuel cell and internal combustion engine aircraft.

The planned collaboration will benefit from the UK government-funded H2GEAR programme, led by GKN Aerospace, which is developing a scalable hydrogen-electric fuel cell propulsion system. Initial analysis suggests that such a system could support a wide range of aircraft, including commuter aircraft under 19 passengers, business jets and regional aircraft up to 100 passengers. As part of their development plan, the partners will develop an H2 system that uses hydrogen in its liquid form and is suitable for both fuel cell and internal combustion engine aircraft.

The H2GEAR programme is also led by GKN Aerospace, and aims to have ground tests of a scalable hydrogen fuel cell propulsion system in 2025. It is funded by the UK’s Aerospace Technology Institute, so the now publicised development alliance should also indirectly benefit from this funding.

“With this agreement, we have now set out a complete path to achieving zero-emissions flight at a game-changing scale,” said Russ Dunn, CTO GKN at Aerospace, adding: “By working alongside Marshall and Parker, who have deep expertise in fuel systems, we can accelerate the development of the technology building blocks required for a complete hydrogen propulsion system for mid-range aircraft. This partnership, combined with our other industry-leading collaborations, is a significant step towards a sustainable future for aviation.”


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