IAA: Xing Mobility introduces immersion-cooled cell-to-pack battery

Xing Mobility, the Taiwanese developer of immersion cooling technology for batteries, has announced the official launch of an immersion-cooled cell-to-pack battery at the soon-to-be-launched IAA Mobility in Munich.

Unlike the Immersio XM25, which was launched in July 2022 and is intended for heavy-duty commercial vehicles, Xing’s CTP solution is also said to be suitable for electric cars. Immersio is a flexible package concept that can be adapted to the “specific needs of various applications, such as sedans, commercial cars, trucks, sports cars, SUVs, and more”, according to the manufacturer.

According to Xing Mobility, the 900-volt solution offers a gravimetric energy density of 150 to 200 Wh/kg, a volumetric energy density of 300 to 400 Wh/l and can be charged from 20 to 80 per cent SoC in less than 15 minutes. In the announcement, Xing Mobility states that its proprietary technology uses “advanced cylindrical lithium-ion cells with high nickel content” that are cooled with mineral oil. So one is bound to round cells if one wants to use the Xing package.

The Immersio CTP is made of a high-strength engineering plastic and features a Cell Management Unit (CMU). This control unit contains an “intelligent active safety module” that monitors and controls the temperature, voltage and current of each cell.

Xing Mobility states that its own concept can be customised to suit specific customers and vehicles. “This process starts from a discussion of customer requirements; continues through prototyping, testing and certification; to manufacture a battery solution suited perfectly to the customer’s needs,” Xing wrote. It should also be possible to achieve further improvements in operation on the basis of the measurement data.

With immersion cooling technology, the battery cells are completely surrounded by coolant. Cooling plates or channels that only touch one or two sides of a battery cell are otherwise common – the heat transfer takes place over a significantly smaller area than with immersion cooling. Immersion cooling should be able to dissipate heat efficiently and prevent thermal runaway within individual cells as well as the spread of fire throughout the pack.



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