Fortum purchases metal shredder for recycling

Fortum Battery Recycling is receiving a €4.5 million grant from the government’s business development agency Business Finland to expand its mechanical processing capacity at its facility in Ikaalinen, Finland.

Fortum Battery Recycling plans to invest in a new type of mechanical shredder and related equipment, among other things, at the facility, which opened in early 2021. The Ikaalinen plant is doing the groundwork for the company’s hydrometallurgical recycling plant in Harjavalta, Finland, which will start up in April 2023. Ensuring a steady stream of high-quality “black mass” for the hydrometallurgical plant is critical, an accompanying release said.

After the commissioning of the shredder, the annual capacity of the Ikaalinen plant is expected to increase to 5,000 tonnes of electric car batteries. Fortum also states that the “black mass” obtained by the new equipment will be more suitable for the hydrometallurgical process.

“We are delighted to have support from Business Finland for this important project,” expressed Tero Holländer, Head of Business Line, Batteries at Fortum Battery Recycling, adding: “Meeting the increasing demand for recycled battery materials in the future will require more efficient processes, and this investment will help us do just that. We have unique expertise in this type of technology in Europe, which makes us the forerunners of battery recycling – a position we are proud to have.”

Fortum Battery Recycling is also reportedly planning a new recycling hub in Germany, in the industrial area of Artern.


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