Norwegian Post delivers 50% of its post electric


The Norwegian Post recently started using electric vehicles in Oslo, Skien and Porsgrunn, delivering mail and parcels electrically to more than one million people in the Oslo area and the Grenland region. There are currently around 1,900 electric Post vehicles on the road throughout Norway.

The electrification offensive of the state-owned company Posten Norge, which has recently changed its name to Posten Bring, is progressing: with the 1,900 electric vehicles mentioned above, the company says it is now delivering mail to 2.7 million Norwegians with electric vehicles, about half of the country’s population. This is “the largest e-fleet in Norway”, Posten Bring informs.

“Renewing the vehicle fleet and introducing renewable energy vehicles has not been easy. We have encountered many challenges over the years, but with solution-oriented employees and good partners, we have managed to solve them. I am proud that we can now celebrate this milestone,” comments Hans-Øyvind Ryen, Executive Vice President at Posten Bring.

The interim balance is impressive, especially with the recent expansion of the electric offensive to Oslo, Skien and Porsgrunn. Previously, cities and municipalities such as Bærum, Asker, Hamar, Tønsberg and Longyearbyen had already received emission-free van fleets. The Opel Combo-e is one of the vehicles used by the Norwegian postal company. The current press photo also shows Maxus and Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Posten Bring says it will continue to phase out internal combustion vehicles nationwide in the future, including trucks. It had already ordered 29 electric trucks from Volvo Trucks in February 2022.

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