Lyon and Geneva order hundreds of electric buses

The Swiss and French cities want to add more electric buses to their public transportation fleets. They have ordered 121 and 127 articulated and double-articulated electric buses, respectively, from Swiss manufacturer Hess.

Image: Hess

The Swiss bus manufacturer Hess will deliver a total of 248 electric buses to France and Switzerland. Specifically, it will provide 127 articulated electric buses to Lyon and 121 articulated and double-articulated electric buses to Lake Geneva over the next four years.

According to Hess, Lyon has agreed to an investment package that includes the purchase of modern trolleybuses and enables its vehicles to serve routes previously reserved for diesel buses. The city will thus extend the network of overhead lines. However, on longer routes, the trolleybuses rely on battery power only. The first vehicles will go into operation next year.

In Geneva, The TPG (Transports Public Geneve) will take delivery of a complete mobility solution, as the deal also includes the charging infrastructure. Hitachi Energy, which acts as a subcontractor, will supply the latter.

The first Hess buses will hit the road in Geneva in 2025. Moreover, the contract has an option of up to 241 additional vehicles by 2030, which is also the year by which TPG wants to fully electrify its fleet. Hess already won a contract over 119 extra-long and tram-like electric buses with TPG in 2022.

Hess is known primarily for its trolleybuses (with overhead wires) but also has models that run entirely battery-powered. That is what i.e. Geneva has opted for. Due to the high demand for its electric bus systems, Hess is further expanding its capacities in Bellach, Solothurn, and the new plant in Portugal. The number of employees will rise to 800, the manufacturer says. (in German)


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