Tesla deliveries and production numbers in slight decline

Tesla produced 430,488 electric cars and delivered 435,059 in the third quarter. Both figures are significantly lower than in the second quarter. Tesla also provided an explanation for the decline - but it is not a drop in demand.

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Compared to the second quarter, the figures for the third quarter represent a decline of 49,212 vehicles in production and 31,081 in deliveries – between April and June, 479,700 Teslas were built and 466,140 vehicles were delivered. The decline in production was therefore around ten per cent, while deliveries fell by around seven per cent. The two record figures from Q2/2023 are therefore still valid for the time being.

Tesla rarely comments on current developments in the emphatically brief announcements on delivery and production figures – at least this was the case with the previous record quarters. The Q3 announcement is different: Tesla justifies the declines with “scheduled production pauses due to factory modernisations”. This could mean, among other things, the conversion in Giga Shanghai, where series production of the revised Model 3 “Highland” has started.

The target of 1.8 million vehicles for the full year 2023 remains in place. In the current year, Tesla stands at 1,350,996 vehicles produced and 1,324,074 delivered. Thus, Tesla would need to be in the region of 450,000 units in production in the current fourth quarter to meet the annual target. If these were indeed only scheduled production breaks, this seems achievable.

When looking at the model series, however, it becomes clear that there was not only a decline in Model 3 production in China. With 13,688 vehicles produced and 15,985 delivered, the Model S and Model X luxury series built in Fremont are also below the Q2 result. The Model 3 (Fremont and Shanghai) and Model Y (Fremont, Austin, Shanghai and Greenheath) combined for 416,800 vehicles built and 419,074 delivered.

Tesla will publish its third quarter results on 18 October 2023 after the close of the US stock exchange. This will be followed by the usual conference call with top management, in which Elon Musk and other managers will comment on current developments.



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