Driveco orders 200 fast chargers from Tritium

French charging network operator Driveco has placed its first order with Tritium. The French company's order comprises 200 fast-charging columns, divided between two different models.

Image: Tritium

Driveco and Tritium have agreed on a strategic cooperation. The announced order for 200 charging columns is thus likely only the first. However, there is no framework agreement with which Driveco secures a certain number of Tritium charging stations for the duration of the contract.

The first order is for 100 units of the PKM150 (150 kW) and RTM50 (50 kW) models each. Ultra-fast charging points with up to 300 kW are probably unnecessary, given the planned use of the chargers and the expected dwell time of the customers. According to the Tritium announcement, the ordered fast chargers “will primarily be installed at the world’s eighth-largest retailer.” That likely means Carrefour. Driveco will install and operate 3,000 charging points at the retailer’s branches.

Driveco currently operates its approximately 8,000 charging points of various power classes primarily through partnerships in the hospitality, retail and aerospace sectors. Its goal is to operate over 60,000 charging points in Europe by 2030.

According to Tritium CEO Jane Hunter, Driveco has booked “service level agreements for their charging hardware, which is the best way to achieve a network with high uptime and availability for drivers.”

“This initial order of 200 fast chargers, located at prominent retail and fast charging sites across multiple EU countries, underscores our commitment to European EV drivers, who we have been supporting with globally leading chargers since 2014,” Hunter says. “We are resolute in our ambition to design, and importantly, to support in the field, the world’s best fast charging equipment.”

Tritium does not provide details on the financial scope of the order and service contracts, nor their duration. It does not mention the planned delivery date either. However, the charge points should be in operation by 2025. Carrefour plans to have 5,000 charge points by then – 2,000 charge points in cooperation with Allego and 3,000 more charging points in cooperation with Driveco.


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