Honda e sales discontinued in Europe

Honda has withdrawn its Honda e electric model from the European market. The European headquarters of the Japanese car manufacturer confirmed to our editorial team that the Honda e can no longer be ordered in Europe.

Image: Honda

Even though Honda writes in its statement that the manufacturer’s first BEV on the European market has brought “many new customers to the brand”, the end of the Honda e is probably primarily due to the comparatively low sales figures.

Honda does not state the sales figures in Europe to date in the statement. However, a look at the German figures suggests that sales may no longer have been worthwhile. According to the German Federal Motor Transport Authority KBA, only two Honda e were newly registered in Germany in October, and only 101 units were registered this year. No plans have been revealed to designate a direct successor in the small electric car segment for the time being.

This may also have had something to do with demand and production costs. Because the Honda e, with its retro design and modern but homely interior, was largely well-received even before its premiere – but with a base price of 39,900 euros, the 3.63-metre-long small car was very expensive. And with its battery pack of just 35.5 kWh, it could only achieve a range of 220 kilometres according to the WLTP standard, and in practice usually significantly less.

The Honda e was introduced to European markets in 2020, before a limited edition variant was introduced in 2022, however as only 50 were released across all of Europe, this did not really impact sales figures. In late 2022, several Honda e were involved in a V2G pilot project. This marked the last announcement for the Honda e in Europe, however.

“Honda will continue to intensify its electrification efforts in the European region,” the statement reads as an outlook. In the future, the electric SUV e:Ny1 will be Honda’s BEV in Europe. By way of comparison, the electric SUV achieved 21 new registrations in Germany in October and 189 vehicles so far this year.

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about „Honda e sales discontinued in Europe“
30.11.2023 um 09:06
An overpriced joke on a par with the Aston Martin Cygnet. As a regular around Knightsbridge, I never saw even one on the road in area that should have been it's natural habitat. Useless range made it...useless. Honda doing well elsewhere but they really have lost the plot in Europe. Which is a pity.
Andrew s
24.12.2023 um 00:35
This is amazing car , too bad not many understood. I have one for two years already and 50k km done on it. Handling is great , its a Honda , quality is superb , very comfortable and quite, quick on windy roads , torque in sport mode in the city. Batterie is enough for everyday drive. never experience lack of battery 170km runs easy on one charge. I love it and dont want to change . Suggest to buy.

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