ZF offers electric drive repair kits in the aftermarket

The German automotive supplier ZF is making repair kits for electric drives available to the independent aftermarket for the first time via its aftermarket organization. With the new repair kits, independent workshops now have access to specific spare parts.

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Independent workshops are increasingly involved in repairing electric cars and need the appropriate spare parts for this. E-drive systems are considered to be particularly low-wear. But even e-vehicles do not get by without repairs. “Often, it is not the central components such as the electric motor or power electronics that are affected, but only peripheral parts such as sensors, plugs, housings or cables,” said ZF in a statement.

The range initially consists of specially compiled kits for a total of 43 repair scenarios on electric axle drives, which workshops can use to replace leaking coolant connections, repair defective parking locks, replace motor mounts, change speed or temperature sensors or even replace drive shafts, for example. According to ZF, the kits contain all spare parts, fastening elements and tools required for the respective repair.

“None of this work requires the electric motor or the electric axle drive to be removed. However, workshops must ensure that only people with high-voltage training carry out the relevant work. In order to de-energise the vehicles for repair, training level 2S in accordance with DGUV 209-093 is required,” the supplier explains. Coincidentally, ZF also offers a corresponding training programme titled ‘ZF Aftermarket’.

The 43 repair kits can already be ordered. The exact contents of the individual kits can be viewed in the ZF Aftermarket online product catalog or in this brochure. However, the 43 kits are not the end of the story. According to ZF Aftermarket, further repair kits for various vehicle manufacturers are planned for the future.



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