New trucks in Norway only allowed with electric or biogas drives from 2030

Norway wants to largely end the era of combustion engines for trucks too, following the 2025 target for new combustion cars. From 2030, all new trucks will either have to be emission-free vehicles or run on biogas. This has now been agreed by the Norwegian parliament.

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The previous target in the National Transport Plan was for half of new trucks to be emission-free by 2030. However, the Norwegian Environmental Protection Agency had issued a recommendation that this target was outdated and that ambitions should be raised. Parliament is now doing this and calling on the government to present a package of measures on how the new target can be achieved.

As part of the budget negotiations, the MPs have already decided to increase the budget of the Norwegian business development agency Enova for zero-emission trucks by 285 million kroner (around 24.4 million euros). The next milestone is now to increase the proportion of new heavy trucks that are electric from ten to 20 per cent by 2024.

“It must be ensured that the funding programs offer good predictability for companies,” emphasizes the Norwegian parliament. It is precisely this planning certainty that is currently lacking in Germany. (in Norwegian), (PDF)


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