Honda previews new generation of electric cars

Honda presented its new generation of electric cars at CES with two design concepts under the name 'Honda 0 Series.' The market launch of the first model of the new 0 Series is scheduled to begin in North America in 2026.

Image: Honda

The two electric vehicles of the ‘Honda 0 Series’ exhibited in Las Vegas are a saloon and a van. The very flat saloon takes its visual cues from dynamic sports car designs, while the Space-Hub has van dimensions, but it also stands out with its futuristic look. Honda intends to use electric axles consisting of a motor, inverter and transmission in its next-generation electric cars. The batteries should be relatively light and allow fast charging from 15 to 80 per cent in ten to 15 minutes. Honda is also endeavouring to limit the loss of battery capacity and range to less than ten per cent after ten years of use.

The Japanese are not more specific when describing the drive system. However, they state that instead of building heavy electric cars, they are pursuing a development approach called “Thin, Light and Wise.” The models in the ‘Honda 0 Series’ should thus feature “excellent power conversion efficiency and packaging, lightweight, high-density battery packs and excellent aerodynamic performance.” And: they should offer “sufficient range with low weight.”

One conclusion from this is low vehicle heights and the use of a “thin EV platform” to achieve a low floor height and high aerodynamic performance. Honda is also aiming to turn its vehicles into “software-defined mobility products.” Incidentally, the zero in the series name stands for the fact that the new generation of electric cars has been rethought from the ground up. According to Honda, they are creating a new starting point for the next generation. The zero also stands for the goal of “zero environmental impact” during the entire life cycle of a vehicle, including the company’s activities, as well as “zero traffic collision fatalities.” Honda has also created a new H-brand logo, especially for these new electric cars – and has now unveiled it at CES.

The market launch of the first model in the new 0 Series is scheduled to begin in North America in 2026, followed by Japan, Asia, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and South America. Honda aims to increase the share of electric and fuel cell vehicles in total global sales to 100 per cent by 2040.

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John Robertson
12.01.2024 um 08:29
what an ugly vehicle....surely they are joking????

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