AMT Genova orders 112 electric buses from Solaris

The public transport operator AMT Genova (Azienda Mobilità e Trasporti SpA) has ordered a total of 112 Trollino 18 battery-powered trolleybuses from Solaris. However, it has not been announced when the delivery to Genoa will be completed.

Image: Solaris

The order for 112 Trollino 18s is one of the manufacturer’s largest single orders for articulated trolleybuses to date. The order is worth more than 100 million euros.

The 18-metre-long buses for the north-western Italian coastal city will be equipped with traction batteries to enable them to cover longer distances without overhead lines. There is no information on the size of the chemical storage units. The batteries are charged during operation via in-motion charging (IMC) on the overhead lines and at night in the depot, according to a recent press release. No further technical data is given.

Instead, Solaris emphasises the planning of local public transport in Genoa. “The city is currently taking decisive steps to improve its public transport infrastructure,” says the manufacturer. This would not only be reflected in the construction of a new trolleybus line, but above all in the order that has now been placed. Incidentally, AMT has already been using 30 Solaris battery-powered solo buses since 2022.

All of these initiatives are part of a broader plan by the Italian transport company, which envisages the transition to a fully electric urban fleet by 2025.


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