Norway achieves nearly 90 per cent electric quota for cabs

In Norway, 88% of all new cabs purchased in 2023 were fully electric. This means that the proportion of electric cabs was slightly higher than the 82.4 per cent of all new car registrations.

Image: Oslo Taxi

Nine out of ten new cabs purchased in Norway last year were electric. In Bergen and Stavanger, all new cabs in 2023 were electric cars. In Trondheim, the proportion of new cabs that were electric was 97 per cent, while in the capital Oslo, it was 90 per cent. This data comes from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. Incidentally, Hamburg was the first German city to launch an e-taxi offensive. From 2025, only electrically powered cabs will be licensed there.

The background to the high number of Norwegian registrations in this area is that many district administrations have set deadlines by which all cab licenses must be electric. The requirements mainly apply to car cabs, although there are also exceptions. However, some cab representatives are still concerned about the availability of sufficient charging facilities.

Taking private and commercial registrations together, a total of 104,590 new electric cars were registered in Norway in 2023, although sales of electric cars weakened slightly in December. Over the past twelve months, all-electric cars accounted for 82.4 per cent of all new car registrations.

The most successful model by far was the Tesla Model Y, which recorded 1,366 new registrations in Norway in December and 23,085 for the year as a whole. This gives the Model Y a market share of 18 per cent for 2023 (after 10 per cent in 2022). The VW ID.4 follows far behind with a cumulative 6,614 new registrations over the year (5.2 per cent market share), the Skoda Enyaq with 5,740 new registrations (4.5 per cent) and the Toyota bZ4X with 5,395 new registrations (4.2 per cent). (in Nowergian)


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