Ebusco buses form part of ‘HelsingborgsExpressen’ BRT

The Swedish public transit company VR Sverige has commissioned Ebusco to supply 14 electric buses. The 18-metre models each carry a battery pack of more than 500 kWh, ensuring a sufficient range for the Bus Rapid Transit lines on which they will run.

Image: Ebusco

VR Sverige opted for the Ebusco 3.0 and expects the bendy buses to arrive in Helsingborg in early 2025. The Dutch manufacturer notes Helsingborg’s “innovation-driven spirit”, which won the city the ‘iCapital’ award in 2020. The prize is given to European cities that best use innovation to improve the lives of residents.

As for harder facts, Ebusco launched the 18-metre Ebusco 3.0 in late 2022. Just like the 12-metre variant, the long Ebusco 3.0 scores with lightweight. Peter Bijvelds, co-CEO of Ebusco, adds, “In recent trials, the Ebusco 3.0 has demonstrated its position as the market’s most efficient electric bus.”

The system comprises two electric motors, each with a maximum output of 125 kW and a combined torque of 22,000 Nm. LFP batteries integrated into the floor come in 350 or 500-kWh versions. The 500 kWh battery that VR Sverige has opted for in Helsingborg provides a range of up to 700 kilometres.

The order also goes back to an earlier deal with DB Arriva. VR Sverige is the company’s successor after VR-Yhtymä, Finland’s rail company, acquired Arriva Sverige AB in 2022. The Deutsche Bahn subsidiary initially took over 82 buses in Helsingborg in June 2019. The fleet already included 13 electric buses for the then-new Helsingborg BRT system known as “Helsingborgs Expressen”, reportedly supplied by VDL.

The BRT was to be expanded by a further 13 vehicles in 2023, and these second 13 e-buses have now become 14 and come from Ebusco. The Dutch company also remains among the primary bus suppliers for Deutsche Bahn.

Going back to the latest order, “We are proud and happy to announce that Ebusco will be the new supplier of electric buses to Helsingborg,” said Anders Frykman, Director of the Bus Division at VR Sverige. “They are, just like VR Sverige, innovation-driven, and we are convinced that the Ebusco 3.0 is a bus model that will increase both the comfort on board and the perceived quality.”

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